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How To Send A Press Release


Learn how to send a press release that actually gets picked up by various news sources.

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 How To Issue A Successful Press Release


Sending a press release is a relatively inexpensive way to get potentially thousands of new website vistiors and buyers to your website.

How To Write A Press Release:

A good press release needs several components: A headline, subhead, lead, body and your contact info.


The headline is the most important component of your press release. A good headline needs to grab the readers attention, in this information overload world, well over half of your potential readers will only read the headline of your press release. So you absolutely must provide them an incentive to click through and read more about your company.


The subhead is the second most important component of your press release and this should serve as providing more information about your announcement and build on the story set by your headline.


The lead in a press release is just a fancy way of saying the first paragraph. Like the headline is designed to catch a reader's attention the lead is designed to provide the who, what, when, where, why and how of your story into one concise info filled paragraph. You want the editor, reporter or blogger to be able to read your lead paragraph and be able to write a story about your recent press release announcement without even contacting you for more details. If you were forced to write your press release into a single paragraph that is what the lead is so make sure you contain all of the important elements here because the media may not even read past the first paragraph.


The body of your press release provides more context and a more in depth picture of the story told in the headline, subhead and lead components of your press release. This is where you fill out your story and provide a lot more depth to your announcement. You can talk numbers, quote leaders within your company, discuss the competition and just generally provide a complete picture about your recent successful product, service, acqusition etc. You also need to include some background information about your company somewhere in the body of your press release (generally near the end) because the story of your company and how you rose to success can also be a component of the news story that the media may write about your company. End your press release by using the symbols "###" centered in the page.

Contact Info:

After you've finished with the body and ended the press release using "###" simply add in a brief note about where the editor, reporter, blogger etc. can contact your company representative for interview requests, further details about the story etc.

Most Press Releases Fail:

Believe it or not, most press releases fail. Even though you just read the components required for a successful press release, more often than not your press releases will fail to garner attention and this is most commonly because the press release simply did not illicit a strong enough response from the media sources.

To truly release a strong press release you need two things:

1. High Quality Well Crafted Story
2. Distribution

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